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Role:- Casting Director


A psychological sci-fi thriller set in Los Angeles

We follow the experiences of three chaperones, tasked with the supervision of children in an advanced learning programme, equipped with Augmented Reality Glasses.

Nothing is as it seems. What unfolds is a tense, tightly-crafted and captivating storyline set in a fascinating subterranean labyrinth, juxtaposing old-world and futuristic technology, with a blistering denouement.

Groundhog Day meets Lord of the Flies meets Village of The Damned.

The movie exhibits a variety of USPs: it is filmed using practical LED lighting, a world first; 85% of the production is shot through the main characters Augmented Reality Glasses Point of View

The cast includes: Kara Tointon (Mr Selfridge, The Sweeney, The Football Factory); Isabelle Allen (Les Miserables); Elliott Langridge (Northern Soul); Elizabeth Morris (LA Slasher)

Casting Location - London

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Special Screening at the Slamdance Film Festival 2016, Utah - Let’s Be Evil is the second feature from visionary director Martin Owen, whom Slamdance co-founder, Peter Baxter, compared to a young Christopher Nolan according to Variety magazine.